19th Contest

Female voices

1st Connie Cloward (USA)
    Zamira Barquero (Costa Rica)
2nd Eva Podles (Poland)
3rd Grazyna Tonkiel (Poland)


Male voices

lº Lawrence Bakst (USA)
   Taro Ichihara (Japan)
2nd Hugh R. Mac Leod (Great Britain)
3rd Howard Haskin (USA)
    Hans Ashbaker (USA)


Special prizes

To the best Verdi performer: Taro Ichihara (Japan)
“Plácido Domingo" Award to the best Spanish Singer: Carlos Bosch  / Vicenç Esteve
“Diputació de Barcelona” scholarship: Maria del Carmen González (Spain)
“Mercedes Viñas” scholarship: Judith Borrás (Spain)
“Mozarteum” scholarship in Salzburg: Edith Contreras (Mexico)
“Accademia Chigiana" scholarship in Siena: Dinu Palade (Romania)
Scholarship Florence International Courses "Enrico Caruso": José Antonio Sempere (Spain)

Jury 19th Contest


Mr. João Paes (Portugal). Director of the "Teatro Nacional de San Carlos", Lisbon.



Ms. Fedora Barbieri (Italy). Mezzo-soprano. Operistic career in the main theatres of the world. Recordings.

Mr. Lorenzo Alvary (USA). Bass of the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Director of the radio programme "Opera Topics", New York.

Mr. Manuel Ausensi (Spain). Baritone. Operistic career in the main theatres of the world. Recordings.

Mr. Carles Caballé (Spain). Artistic Agent.

Mr. Ettore Campogalliani (Italy). Accompanying pianist and teacher of the greatest figures of the Lyrical music.

Mr. Yvon Le Marc-Hadour (France). Baritone. Singing teacher. Member of several International Competitions.

Mr. Emilio Núñez (Spain). Musicologist and Lecturer. Member of several international competitions.

Sr.Juan Pich-Santasusana (Spain). Composer. Former Director of the Conservatori Superior Municipal de Música de Barcelona.

Mr. Harold Rosenthal (Great Britain). Editor de la revista “Opera”, Londres.

Mr. Wolfram Schwinger (Germany). Director of the Stuttgart Opera House.


* The Organizing Committee expresses their gratitud to Ms. Barbieri, Mr. Campogalliani and Mr. Schwinger for having agreed at the last minute to be member on the International Jury of the Contest to replace Ms. Cigna, Mr. Alberti and Mr. Pischner.